How Did Houdini Die?

How did Houdini die? Houdini, a Hungarian-American illusionist and stunt performer was born on March 24, 1874 in Erik Weisz, Budapest. On Halloween day in 1926, he died of peritonitist caused by a ruptured appendix. In many years, it has been said that an overzealous college kid killed him by a blow to his abdomen. Houdini was in  incredible physical condition, eventually if he tense his muscles, he could easily withstand blows to his abdomen. While performing in Canada, he didn’t have much time to prepare for the punch of a student who gave him a challenge. However, the blow couldn’t cause the appendicitis, instead of a bacterial infection. Houdini died on 31 October 1926 at Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan.

Houdini Before Death

Before his death, he told his brother Theo who was also a vaudeville performer as well as escape artist to burn his own magic apparatus and a collection of papers and other materials as well. Theo kept them carefully and then passed them on to his student Sidney Radner. After 40 years of storing the materials in the basement of his own house in Holyoke, Massachusetts, the student gave them to the Houdini Historical Centre in 1988. Houdini’s body is rested in Machpelah in Queens, New York.

Although Houdini said to have been born on 6 April 1874, in fact, he was born on 24 March 1874 in Budapest, Hungary. As a child, the Weiss family moved to Appleton. They came to America in order to find a job for his father – Rabbi Mayer Samuel Weiss. Although Houdini wasn’t born in Appleton, he still considered it as his hometown. Afterwards, he coined his nickname as “a real buster”.

History of the name Houdini

His real name was Ehrich Weiss. In order to show his tribute to a French illusionist Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin, he decided to change his name to Houdini by adding an “I” to his idol’s name.

Apart from his career as a magician and escape artist, he also followed many unusual hobbies. Aviation is the first one of those. On the continent of Australia, he performed the first manned flight perfectly. Film is the second one of those. He acted as a writer, producer, or even an actor in many movies through the birth of the moving picture. His appearance in the movies can be listed such as Terror Island, The Man from Beyond, and The Grim Game as well.

He was famous for a debunker of fake mediums and also spiritualists. His interest only began after the death of his mother, Cecilia Weiss. Because his main career was an illusionist, he pointed out the techniques of mediums which believed to have contacted the spirit world. He took part in a demonstration against the charlatans who ruthlessly bilked grieving families out of their money. He usually joined seances in disguise so that he can expose the mediums.
Arthur Conan Doyle, who created the well-known Sherlock Holmes character, admired him so much. Although he was famous for the logical explanations in his detective stories, he actually believed that Houdini’s illusions and escapes were supernatural phenomena.

Since His Death

Since his death in 1926, his official séance held annually. It is originated from his efforts to show fraudulent mediums. He said that if people have a way contact the living after one’s death, he would do so. He created a code with his wife Bess, who regularly joined the annual séances and looked forward to his return for 10 years, where she gave up for a long time. Currently organized by Sidney H.Radner, the séance is held annually in a location which is associated with Houdini’s life. Do you think he really died?