How did Chris Farley Die?

Chris Farley who was a famous American comedian and actor was born on 15 February 1964 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Chris Farley Cause of Death

On 18 December 1997, he died of drug a overdose at the age of 33. With a boisterous and wild character, he really has left behind a strong legacy that reminds us of both comedy and crisis. The five seasons of Saturday Night Live and three No.1 films made his fame more and more widely known.

Chris Farley Biography

In a book The Chris Farley Show: A Biography in Three Acts released in 2009, Chris’s older brother, Tom Farley, together with a former biographer of John Belushi who also died of drug overdoses like Chris, Tanner Colby, said that Chris’s seemingly one-dimensional life was actually an extraordinarily complex pathology. “ A Biography in Three Acts  “ pointed out that although Chris’s friends attempted to make him get away from the drug habit and reckless life, it seemed they failed to save his life.

The book listed many things such as Chris’s affluent, education, improvisational routines, comedic stints in Chicago, or even his five ambivalent years on Saturday Night Live, as well as onward.

Self Esteem Issues

The biggest of Chris’s problems was his self-esteem issues. He continuously looked for validation from others. For example, Chris  attempted to stay overweight to please his father because he always compelled Chris to be obese.

Tom said that his dad was the definition of unconditional love. He couldn’t help Chris because he didn’t see that negativity in Chris. It seemed his dad was disconnected and detached from his own life. Because Chris didn’t see himself as what people told him he was, all of his life he needed to seek approval. He was funny but he couldn’t believe in it.

Similarities between Farley and John Belushi

Chris’s death made people look back on John Belushi – a star of The Blues Brothers and Animal House. Just like Belushi, Farley was known from Saturday Night Live. Both died of drug overdoses at the age of 33.

Tom said Chris didn’t want to follow Belushi’s life, but he really wanted his status, as well as notoriety. Chris was scared of following Belushi’s drug problems. When he grew up, his real idol was Jackie Gleason, not really much Belushi.

Early career and Legacy

Chris loved Wisconsin very much. The first time he got to New York city and was hired by SNL, he had no money. At lunch, he borrowed 150$. Because of gambling, he lost it all then. He was sometimes very astute, but he was sometimes a knucklehead from Wisconsin.
Recently, Tom spent much time in lecturing children about drug abuse issues with a real examination of Farley’s life. While writing The Chris Farley Show, Tom felt a closer affinity to his brother Chris who was worn away by the demons. Although Tom was a prissy older brother to Chris, he began to notice that Chris was a victim of his addictions. “ I write this book because of my real fear. I can’t remember my little brother “ – says a over 60-year-old man.